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What People are Saying About Custom-Arch

"I will gladly give $20 per opening back to my custom builders if they buy Custom-Arch. I easily make that up in time saved, labor expense, and installed quality."
Framer Tony Webb

"We have become spoiled. We can just look at a finished arch and tell when it is not a Custom-Arch."
Beazer Homes

"You take all the magic out of building groin vaults!
Skofield Homes

"We are like a marriage made in make perfect arches to fit in our perfect wall panels!"
Stock Building Supply

A Letter from a once skeptical client:

Dear Custom-Arch,

Hammerhead Construction Group has been in the framing business for 34 years. We have been faced with numerous situations or small fires that have to be dealt with on a daily basis and still build the best products possible. We are what they call true "stick framers" that have formed, framed, and trimmed thousands of structures.

When we were asked last year by Brentwood Custom Homes to start using new products for the architectural details of their homes, we were very apprehensive. With a slowing market and lower labor prices, bringing in something new sounded like more work. Change sounded to us like making less money. We met with the salesman from Custom-Arch and Brentwood's construction manger to discuss the products. We had all of Hammerhead's owners, lead carpenters, and superintendents listening to the sales pitch for Custom-Arch products. Honestly, no one at Hammerhead was willing to try the new products and we were trying to get Brentwood to feel the same.

The Custom-Arch products were delivered to the first house when we had the roof dried in. We started using the arches and it seemed to be a slower process. We had a few questions at first that were answered immediately by the salesman. After 2 days we had a full understanding of the products we were installing. We were using the products for interior and exterior arches, groin ceilings, barrel ceilings, oval ceilings, and dome ceilings. We were using less materials and far less labor to do the architectural details. This meant a better bottom line for everyone. We were able to accomplish our same excellent quality but much faster and with less waste. The tedious job required for the framer to cut hundreds of blocks and the time required to make consecutive arches identical was in the past.

Our sister company Precision Paint and Drywall has been in the drywall, painting, stucco, and metal framing business for 18 years. When we were faced with Custom-Arch products it was a blessing in disguise. Our job is to finish the work after the framing to perfection. The homeowner usually only sees our finished work, no one else's. Our work is analyzed the most, which is very understandable. With Custom-Arch products we are working faster, with easier products to finish. It saves us hours of sanding and perfecting the finished product. In the past the hardest areas to apply drywall, paint, and stucco were the architectural details. Now finishing these areas is just like finishing any other area.

Since using Custom Arch products with Brentwood Custom Homes we have pushed for our other builders to use these products. We are framing our houses faster than ever, with the same previous quality we were always known for. Our architectural details are hands down the best they can be. We are creating less lumber waste and using less lumber to build the houses. We are using fewer nails, which is cost effective for the framer. Hammerhead Construction Group and Precision Paint & Drywall highly recommend Custom-Arch products. It has made our previous high quality of craftsmanship more cost effective and with much less material waste.

Sincerely yours,

Les Miller, Jason Friedman, and Jason Smith
Hammerhead Construction Group LLC Precision Paint & Drywall Inc.
Orlando, Florida

4828 Tibbs Bridge Rd SE | Dalton, GA 30721 | o: 800-326-9112 | c: 407-516-2961 | [email protected]

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Custom-Arch manufactures sold wood framing arches for all of Georgia and Florida from our base in Dalton, Georgia. Custom-Arch is licensed to manufacture and distribute Arch-Rite products in Alabama, Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Custom-Arch manufactures solid wood framing arches for contrators and home builders. Our arches can be used in framing both interior and exterior arches, windows, floor joist rims, barrels, igloos, domes and more.